Sunday, October 25, 2015

To Hell With Handheld iGadgets - I Want A New MacBook

 As much of a geeky gal that I am - I learned how to use an Apple computer by LEARNING HOW TO TYPE on a typewriter 10 years earlier. And the transition from a typewriter to a desktop computer keyboard to a MacBook laptop's keyboard was an easy transition. But then came the TAPPING!!! Tap. Tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap on little iGadgets like iPods and iPhones. Maybe it got a little better when the iPad arrived...

But dangit. I want a REAL computer. I want a new MacBook Air. I'm wearing the black coating off the tops of by backlit MacBook keyboard - that how much typing I've done on this thing. Darling, I want a new MacBook for Xmas. He tells me to buy a cheap USB headset and start using OSX dictation - and that way I won't wear my keycaps down any further. Hmmmph!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Battery Powered Mobile Printer For MacBook Air Or Pro

It's nice to see Epson enter the mobile printer market with a solution that's ideal for MacBook Pro or Air users on the go. For many years Canon and HP were the only game in town for portable laptop printers.The WF-100 supports both USB and wireless connectivity via Apple AirPrint or Wi-Fi Direct - which also allows you to print directly from any iOS handheld device like an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Portable Printer For MacBook

USB and WiFi Connectivity

The WF-100 is now the smallest and lightest MacBook portable printing solution available. the LiOn battery is built-in. With Canon the IP110's battery is an $80 option which bolts onto the backside adding to it's bulk. Though HP includes a battery with it's OJ100 and OJ150 printers, it too snaps onto the backside -- rather than simply being completely integrated into the housing. Between them, Apple users now have 4 lightweight, battery powered portable printers for MacBook use on the go - or at your desktop

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OSX Compatible SSD Upgrades

Clearly the past year has definitely been awesome for Macintosh compatible SSD upgrade prices. The price per gigabyte of solid-state flash memory computer disk drives really plummeted as SSD data read and write performance has made incredible leaps in speeds thanks to cutting edge NAND flash memory controller chipsets.

Especially significant, solid-state data Write speeds which have typically really lagged SSD data Read speeds are now on-par. Write data rates have really increased on the most recent iterations of Serial ATA SATA 3 SSD drive models so that peak Read and Write speeds of 400 or 550Mbps are now commonplace.

Many older models of Mac OS desktop and laptop computers are ideal to be upgraded from a mechanical platter drive to a top-tier SSD flash drive like those reviewed on

Undoubtably an Apple iMac or Mac mini or MacBook laptop SSD is one of the single best high performance speed enhancing computer upgrades one is likely to enjoy in your computing experience. It significantly speeds up your Mac desktop or laptop performance for practically any task you do from the moment you turn it on. Highly recommended.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Mac New Year 2015

Sorry I've been derailed by the day to day mundane challenges of daily life. Hope to get back posting about the Apple Mac gadget scene real soon. Thought I'd stop in and say I'm still here. FYI: Apple stock has been dropping like a rock lately, but it's important to note that what greedy Wall Street wants - and what Apple's computer customers want are two different things. So what if Apple only sold 9 grillion iGadgets and Macs instead of 8 Bazillion anyways?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mac TV Tuner

Want to enjoy TV on a MacBook laptop or Apple desktop computer? Check out for some of the options available to watch TV on a Mac. While there's various 3rd party HDTV tuners for OSX available, the clear market leader in TV tuner sticks for Macintosh used to be ElGato with their EyeTV lineup. It's DVR app and hardware have now been handed off to Geniatech. Your best choices currently are Geniatech's U6 USB tuner, or Silicon Dust's HDHomeRun network tuner boxes. Can't go wrong with either one of these, the Mac DVR software they provide is mature and world-class.

Best Portable USB Computer Speakers

Portable USB powered speakers are a great solution for mobile MacBook users wanting better audio on the go. Visit for a sampling of some of the USB bus powered computer speakers that might be ideal for your MacBook audio and music listening needs.

Apple ThunderBolt Drives

It's taken a year and thensome since Apple first introduced ThunderBolt ports on its Mac lineup, but were finally starting to see a wide range of TBolt storage solutions with both HDD and SSD ThunderBolt drives now available at much more affordable price points. Some ThunderBolt backup drives are now under $200 USD - but you'll still pay a $50-$75 premium for a ThunderBolt drive over USB 3.0 or FireWire per gigabyte. Best bet? COMBO drives with BOTH a ThunderBolt and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port for the most versatility and flexibility to connect to any MacBook or Macintosh computer - old or new.

Solid-State SSD Drives For Mac

No other Apple computer upgrade can breathe new life into an aging Mac mini, MacBook or iMac like a Solid-State flash memory drive upgrade. Check out for some of the best Mac compatible SSD drives currently shipping.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cheap iPad and Mac Printer Options

It's amazing what less than $100 can get you in a low-cost, affordable Mac printing solution. Check out these downright cheap printers for iPad and Mac OSX - Low cost printing for Apple OSX and iOS handheld gadgets.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

eReader Computing Tablet Comparisons

I have always loved to read ever since my father paid me a quarter for every book I read and would tell him a synopsis of what the latest book was about. I became an avid reader at a young age and have loved reading ever since. As an adult, I join with others in a reading group and am looking forward to the 2012 book club recommendations from friends and strangers alike in the year ahead.

As much as I love a good paperback or hard-bound book, I'm no stranger to newly devloping gadget technology. I really enjoy the instant gratification of immediately downloadable eBooks. So which handheld computing tablet to buy? When I sat down and took the time to compare tablet features, I was really torn between the insanely popular Apple iPad vs the Android OS based Nook Color and the latest Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. I opted for the Fire and am enjoying the wide selection of color apps - and ebooks that are available.

Clearly, the Apple iPad is the clear market leader, the Kindle Fire tablet specs are quite compelling and offer most of the major apps you'd find on Apple's iOS are also available on the Kindle Fire's Android OS implementation for hundreds of dollars less. My sister opted for a Nook and armed with an arsenal of Nook Color accessories, she's happy with her choice as well.

I periodically buy regular books, far too many of them, but more and more of my reading selections are now in downloadable eBook format for my eReader platform. Both still have their place in my reading life, but especially for my magazine subscriptions, I think I'll be going all digital.