Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OSX Compatible SSD Upgrades

Clearly the past year has definitely been awesome for Macintosh compatible SSD upgrade prices. The price per gigabyte of solid-state flash memory computer disk drives really plummeted as SSD data read and write performance has made incredible leaps in speeds thanks to cutting edge NAND flash memory controller chipsets.

Especially significant, solid-state data Write speeds which have typically really lagged SSD data Read speeds are now on-par. Write data rates have really increased on the most recent iterations of Serial ATA SATA 3 SSD drive models so that peak Read and Write speeds of 400 or 550Mbps are now commonplace.

Many older models of Mac OS desktop and laptop computers are ideal to be upgraded from a mechanical platter drive to a top-tier SSD flash drive like those reviewed on www.mac-ssd-drives.com.

Undoubtably an Apple iMac or Mac mini or MacBook laptop SSD is one of the single best high performance speed enhancing computer upgrades one is likely to enjoy in your computing experience. It significantly speeds up your Mac desktop or laptop performance for practically any task you do from the moment you turn it on. Highly recommended.

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