Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Battery Powered Mobile Printer For MacBook Air Or Pro

It's nice to see Epson enter the mobile printer market with a solution that's ideal for MacBook Pro or Air users on the go. For many years Canon and HP were the only game in town for portable laptop printers.The WF-100 supports both USB and wireless connectivity via Apple AirPrint or Wi-Fi Direct - which also allows you to print directly from any iOS handheld device like an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Portable Printer For MacBook

USB and WiFi Connectivity

The WF-100 is now the smallest and lightest MacBook portable printing solution available. the LiOn battery is built-in. With Canon the IP110's battery is an $80 option which bolts onto the backside adding to it's bulk. Though HP includes a battery with it's OJ100 and OJ150 printers, it too snaps onto the backside -- rather than simply being completely integrated into the housing. Between them, Apple users now have 4 lightweight, battery powered portable printers for MacBook use on the go - or at your desktop

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