Thursday, December 22, 2011

eReader Computing Tablet Comparisons

I have always loved to read ever since my father paid me a quarter for every book I read and would tell him a synopsis of what the latest book was about. I became an avid reader at a young age and have loved reading ever since. As an adult, I join with others in a reading group and am looking forward to the 2012 book club recommendations from friends and strangers alike in the year ahead.

As much as I love a good paperback or hard-bound book, I'm no stranger to newly devloping gadget technology. I really enjoy the instant gratification of immediately downloadable eBooks. So which handheld computing tablet to buy? When I sat down and took the time to compare tablet features, I was really torn between the insanely popular Apple iPad vs the Android OS based Nook Color and the latest Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. I opted for the Fire and am enjoying the wide selection of color apps - and ebooks that are available.

Clearly, the Apple iPad is the clear market leader, the Kindle Fire tablet specs are quite compelling and offer most of the major apps you'd find on Apple's iOS are also available on the Kindle Fire's Android OS implementation for hundreds of dollars less. My sister opted for a Nook and armed with an arsenal of Nook Color accessories, she's happy with her choice as well.

I periodically buy regular books, far too many of them, but more and more of my reading selections are now in downloadable eBook format for my eReader platform. Both still have their place in my reading life, but especially for my magazine subscriptions, I think I'll be going all digital.

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