Monday, October 31, 2011

Mac Tax Preparation Software For 2011 - I'm Still Waiting.

There's gonna be a lot of presents under the tree for the kids this Christmas. In spite of the daily ups and downs of internet marketing - it's been a good year for this work at home mom. Too good perhaps because my taxable income made a serious jump this year and Federal and State taxes are going to be painful, PAINFUL!

I'm sure H&R Block and Intuit are scrambling as usual this time of year to get their 2011 Mac Tax Software debugged and ready for retail boxed software and digital downloads soon. Usually by Black Friday - Thanksgiving shopping weekend for sure.

Ahh, the luxury of having to scramble for tax deductions. We can deduct up to $3050 in contributions to our HSA - Health Savings account, over 50 Catch-Up traditional IRA to $6000, but it's my SEP IRA for self-employed mom's like me that gives me the most flexibility with high contribution limits. I need that OSX 2011 tax software to work out 'what-if' scenarios to reduce my taxable income.

TURBO TAX I NEED YOU - NOW!!! But a quick check shows the best Mac tax preparation software for 2011 titles aren't listed yet - either at the Apple App Store or Amazon's Software Center - Yet.

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