Monday, October 24, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Takes On The iPad Tablet

The juggernaut which is the Apple iPad tablet seems to be decimating any and all other players in the handheld gadget market. For nearly two decades tablet computing was supposed to be the Next Big Thing that just never got traction - so many failed products along the way - and then Apple nails it and leaves a dozen other manufacturers scrambling to mimic its Secret Sauce.

The Andriod platform and it's OS are worthy contenders though. There's just to much of a potential pie not to want to grab a slice of this emerging multi-billion dollar technology market, so there are other products worth exploring. If you look at a good comparison of the Kindle Fire vs iPad - and then factor in the 'Nothing to sniff at' client base and marketing firepower of Amazon itself - I'm thinking the Amazon Fire tablet is already destined to be a 'They'll sell a million of 'em' in a matter of weeks that should keep Apple and it's iOS platform on it' toes.

Considering how much cheaper the color Fire tablet is compared to an iPad - Apple's up for some very, VERY stiff pricing competition - something the truly expensive iPad is going to have to confront with price reductions sooner rather than later. The Amazon Fire just offers so much bang for the buck - and a user base who's numbers will soon dwarf the Andriod-based tablets like Nook Color.

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