Saturday, October 16, 2010

Forward Thinking USB 3.0 External Drives

Where is USB 3.0 For Mac? - It's inevitable. My next Apple TimeMachine backup drive? SuperSpeed USB3 devices are exploding onto the computer landscape. And if you don't know the advantages of USB3 over USB 2.0 you'll certainly find out in the year ahead - If not from Apple, then on the Windows PC side of things where USB 3.0 ports will become commonplace.

For Mac users, you might want to hedge your bets with a backward compatible USB3 backup drive. In fact many major hard drive companies like LaCie, Western Digital and Seagate are already shipping drives with USB 3.0 on the back - and you're free to plug it into any USB speed port you have. It'll just work. And someday when you do have a SuperSpeed enabled Mac - you'll be able to take advantage of the insanely fast transfer speeds USB 3.0 offers.

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