Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mac Back To School

Ok, my kids are getting antsy as their summer-freedom fades and returning to school looms on the horizon. I'm a tough, practical Mac mom -- the kids aren't going back in name brand designer clothing with the latest Apple Mac accessories gizmo and gadget bling stuffed in their ears and pockets. Remember education is about pens and pencils and paper and hand-written stuff. You know: Thinking with your BRAIN and not an Intel CPU to do the hard stuff! :)

We'll wait till their headed off to college - and then we'll spoil 'em with the tools they need for REAL life. In the meantime Apple's back to school offerings are predictable and appealing: 'Free' iPod touch anyone - and of course, a $100 printer rebate to sweeten any Mac to school purchase as well.

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