Monday, February 7, 2011

SSD Mac - Flash Hard Drive Upgrades

For the more technically inclined Apple user seeking the single best performance enhancing upgrade possible - consider a Solid-State hard drive upgrade. Few realize just how significant an SSD speed-boost can be until they've experienced it.

If you didn't get one built-to-order at the Apple store, an aftermarket MacBook Pro SSD drive upgrade can utterly transform your Apple laptop's response: Everything from starting up to launching and switching apps to shutting down occurs in a fraction of the time compared to a conventional spinning-platter drive.

Recent changes to the MacBook design make accessing the hard drive far easier than in years past. Armed with a few online how-to videos and pictures, an external SATA drive enclosure for the data transfer, and the right tools - it's a most worthwhile effort.

The Crucial/Micron SSD shown here is an excellent choice for 2 specific reasons: First, it's one of the absolutely fastest SSD's currently on the market with Read and Write speeds that put it in the Top Five of nearly every benchmark test. Secondly, it has a future thinking SATA III interface (Backwards compatible with SATA I and II) so it has a promising lifespan for your NEXT Mac computer as well.

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