Friday, June 4, 2010

Mac Compatible Printers

Apple now includes literally hundreds of printer drivers bundled and built into OSX Leopard and Tiger. With the ubiquity of standard USB and Ethernet ports, and with Bluetooth and WiFi built into every Mac computer - finding Mac compatible printers is far easier than in the past when Apple used proprietary serial connectors.

Advances in printing technology have brought higher quality prints at faster speeds than ever before. Perhaps the biggest shift has been in cheap color laser printers for Mac which are far smaller and compact than ever before. Fast color laser printers now can fit on your desktop with room to spare.

Another trend is the need for a lightweight, small and portable printer for MacBook  - and both HP and Canon offer great mobile inkjet printers for Mac OSX that can help you print on the go.

Adding to their flexibility - many Apple friendly printers now offer WiFi wireless printing and even Bluetooth printing options for close-range output without having to futz with cables.

Apple compatible All-In-One printer options abound. For most users, an AIO is the best printer choice for Mac -- consolidating features of print, scan, copy, fax - and often digital camera and flash memory card slots built-in - make them a compelling choice.

Whether you choose a HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Samsung, Kodad, Brother or other major printer manufacturers offering - the liklihood of Mac compatibilility is almost assured - often without having to use the driver CD that comes with the printer.

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